You do not have to worry to come to our place. We provide free shuttle service from hotel where you stay.
In addition to tattoo satisfaction, we will give you a T-shirt that you can use as our gratitude for you. Terms and Conditions apply.
We will give you a sense of security and comfort with clean, hygienic, sterile equipment and protected against diseases and germs.
Angel Ink Bali has a safe and experienced procedure in tattooing. Your satisfaction is our priority and goal in making tattoos. We do warranty and guarantee for our quality.
We will give you the best service from the best and satisfaction in tattoo ranging from the best black tattoos to the best color tattoos and we have 24 talented artist with all different style and specializing.
We provide a comfortable waiting area and you can see the process of making tattoo from the waiting room.

About Angel Ink Bali

Angel Ink Bali has born on 9th September 2015 at Nakula Barat, Jln. Pandawa No.2, Legian Kaja Kuta – Bali. One of the artist city center in Bali Island. Starting from one artist, then they increase with 24 artist to draw Body Tattoo using modern tattoo machines. Agus as a founder and owner made this studio certainly try to provide the best facilities for the Client, the friendliness of the client very emphasize here that the client feel comfortable and Friends with each Artist who has own character. ? Before the process of making the tattoo client can first discuss with the Artist casually as a friend, then define the concept then Artist will explain in great detail as well as its function in every concept that client want it, so that when the client has been steadily making a tattoo is not only just want to beautify / beautify the body, but also simultaneously know the meaning and function of the Tattoo itself so the client will be more confident and Character with the Tattoo.